Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Schumann: 200 years

Today the world is celebrating a great composer, Robert Schumann, who was born exactly 200 years ago today. His music has inspired hundreds of artists and his music thrives today, and for the next 200 years we're sure!
This afternoon we'll play his Piano Quintet with the Amadeus Quartet and pianist Philippe Entremont. Check out the finale on this video:

You also might enjoy a Studio 360 portrait of Robert & Clara:
Listen here for two pieces, Florestan & Eusebius: http://www.essentialsofmusic.com/composer/schumann_r.html

You see, these fictional figures Florestan and Eusebius, represent two contrasting sides of Schumann's personality. Florestan was impetuous, passionate, and forward-looking; Eusebius was a quiet, introspective, dreamer.
Musically and emotionally these two balanced ideas and themes, a sort of ying/yang.
We'll continue celebrating great music on KPAC & KTXI, still to come, the 100th birthday of William Schuman this August! (no relation to Robert, hahaha)

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