Saturday, June 26, 2010

GTOC: Hong Kong

Saturday was a great day for slowly getting back to a western style of and food! A morning with rain didn't allow us to go to Splendid China but instead one of the great malls for Shenzhen. (I wound up getting a suit tailor made!)
Next it was getting to Hong Kong via bus across a great bridge - but first Chinese Customs - while Hong Kong belongs to China now (since 1997) they do not enjoy free travel. We arrived and checked into our last hotel, the Empire Kowloon Hotel. The real catch was that between customs and traffic we did not eat lunch until very late and had scheduled more "western" food - PIZZA! for dinner. Seen left is "Erhu" bus.
Hong Kong definitely has a different feel than any other place we have visited - and certainly provides another urban look at China...the overall impression from this reporter is that commerce is above everything, all talk among locals seems to focus on money.

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