Monday, June 21, 2010

GTOC: Great Wall

Sunday was a "great" day. Bags were packed and most of the morning was spent in anticipation of climbing/walking the Great Wall of China. We had to prepare for our overnight train trip - by removing liquids from our checked luggage and preparing an overnight bag carry on bag. (Yes, it is opposite for the train as it is a plane - liquids are allowed for train carry on.) After a ninety minute drive we arrived at the location where the eastern wall meets the western wall and one of the steepest sections open to the public. Several folks made the hike easily, and quickly to the top - others were satisfied with some shopping or taking a few small steps around grounds. I did a little bit of both, getting exercise and pictures, and then socialized with others. (Pictured left, look for the red tshirts in the crowd walking up - and a group photo on the YOSA blog)
After lunch we spent some time in an older neighborhood of Beijing and ended with an amzing dinner - everyone is still talking about it. The kids bought snacks at a grocery store and we headed off to the central train station for an overnight ride to Shanghai!

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