Saturday, June 19, 2010

GTOC: On the international stage

YOSA is currently in China, performing concerts and learning more about the culture. Over 12 days, the musicians will see 5 cities and perform music in different locales.
John Clare is with the group and has this update:

Saturday began with more exploring, including the Forbidden City. Throughout the day, kids were asked to pose for pictures, and also took pictures of themselves, family, sites and other interesting visitors (including soldiers on duty!)
Afterwards they rehearsed their program and then presented it at 2pm in the new national concert hall which holds about 5,000 people. (My guess is that it was 2/3rds full, although I heard it had sold out!)
Following the concert, there was a small reception and then an exchange with students of the National Conservatory. Folk melodies, as well as Paganini's Moses variations were played perfectly and quite touching by the young Chinese women. During one of the pieces, one of the YOSA members exclaimed "Awesome!" - and indeed it was an awesome performance!

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