Tuesday, June 22, 2010

GTOC: Food

One of the great things about visiting abroad is dining. It has been different to say the least, and ranged from incredible to very good. We've also had a chance to check out different flavors in Tokyo, Beijing and now, Shanghai.
Today's lunch menu wasn't too different from what we've enjoyed (usually a rice, noodle, soup, bok choy, watermelon and varying degrees of meat, pork, fish and chicken) but the presentation was a real delight. Here's the chicken (below left):

And our fish (seen right):
Today I also got to sample some soup dumplings with director Troy Peters and know that we will be eating them as often as possible!
Tomorrow (Wednesday) we'll be at the EXPO 2010 and looking forward to see what food will be around as we'll be there for lunch and dinner.

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