Friday, June 18, 2010

GTOC: We're all in China

Well, it wasn't a slow boat, but our trip to China was delayed after weather in Beijing - and 2/3s of the group spent a night in Tokyo. Luckily we caught a morning flight and arrived this afternoon in China!
[odd side note - the Argentine National Basketball team was on our original flight on Thursday and would up on our flight today - they were very noticable in their VISA (c) sponsored sweats and quite friendly. We almost tried to get them to say something cool about the Spurs, and would holler Viva Argentina when we saw them in various places in the airport.]Arriving in China, we went to the Summer Palace. We was a real delight and quite historic. Everyone appreciated having some fresh air after riding on so many airplanes.
Here is a character we saw there, and took some photos with him. Note the camera he has. After we asked for photos with him, he asked to take photos of us!
We finally joined up with the first group who came on Tuesday, and had an amazing dinner with a grand finale of Peking Duck. We're at the hotel now and have a full day tomorrow that includes the Forbidden City and a concert at the new hall here in Beijing!

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Judi said...

Thank you for the updates and sharing your photos!

Judith Behrens
Christina Behrens's Aunt