Friday, June 25, 2010

GTOC: Travel

Friday was full of transportation for YOSA in China. More rain greeted us but it was mostly viewed from boats, planes and buses!
We started in the romatic Hangzhou, and took a cruise around Westlake. Everyone seemed to enjoy the folklore and cool weather. Here is one of the chaperones, Julie, taking a Titanic moment on our ship.
We had a delightful lunch and made our way to the airport for a Chinese flight to Shenzhen. I can't say it was very different from a normal flight, and yet it was...not alot of communication and I heard a rumor that there was smoking on the flight from passengers (not in our group!) but all in all, the Boeing 737 on Xiamen Air was good.
(Pictured is Jacob on the flight line as we were boarding.)

After a lengthy bus ride, we made it to dinner and our at our hotel. Coming up are Hong Kong and our final concert on the tour - things we are really looking forward to experiencing!

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