Tuesday, June 29, 2010

GTOC: 8 days a week

We managed to keep Monday going and going with a 5am wake up call in Hong Kong and most of arriving at 9:30pm in San Antonio Monday night! I pointed out to some students that our boarding pass for Japan was at 5:20pm Monday and that our boarding pass for Dallas was at 5:10pm Monday!!! No one thought Professor Dumbledore was involved with a time travel watch, but the weather once again, played a role for our trip...
In Hong Kong, groups B & C (the ones stranded in Tokyo on the trip starting off) got delayed an hour & a half. When we arrived, some got the rest of their boarding passes to San Antonio. (Unfortunately, not everyone did and would play a BIG role later!)
When we arrived in Dallas, lightning prevented our luggage from being unloaded and we waiting two hours...then we were told we could go on, and then that we couldn't. In the confusion between airline and customs some left without their luggage, and some were able to check through with the luggage arriving. Those without boarding passes however were stuck in Dallas.
The majority of YOSA students made it back Monday night and of this morning, just two students and Executive Director Steven Payne will come back this morning. Pictured are students on the fairly empty flight from Dallas to San Antonio.
Keep an eye out for more pictures and video of the #greattourofchina of YOSA and the adventures of host John Clare here on the KPAC blog and on facebook!

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