Thursday, June 24, 2010

GTOC: Expo

YOSA performed two mini concerts (30 minutes each) Wednesday in Shanghai at EXPO 2010. Over 402,000 people were at the world fairgrounds and quite a few enjoyed hearing Prokofiev, Bizet and Gershwin by the San Antonio orchestra!
The day started very early and security was high. After the stage was set and a rehearsal, YOSA got VIP treatment at the USA pavilion. There they were greeted by President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (on the video screens - gotcha!) and were delighted to find woodwind players on staff at the pavilion there!
Concerts took place at 11 and 12, and from there the group broke up into 3 groups - exploring Australia, Indonesia and Thailand. Then we were on our own for the day. I spent some time in Cuba enjoying the music and mood! Read about the student views online at the YOSA website and on facebook!

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Robert Knopp said...

We are all so proud of how well our kids have represented San Antonio, Texas and the USA. Isner and Donovan ain't got nothing on this kids. Viva San Antonio