Monday, September 19, 2011

Top Ten Classical Pirate Songs

On this, International Talk Like A Pirate Day, we bring you the Top Ten Classical Songs for Pirates!

10. Bellini Il Pirata (listen to it here)
9. Benjamin Jamaican Rumba (listen to it here)
8. Berlioz Le Corsair (listen to it here)
7. Badelt Pirates of the Caribbean (listen to it here)
6. Sullivan Pirates of Penzance (listen to it here)
5. Leonard Bernstein Peter Pan (listen to it here)
4. Handel Sarabande [from the Aubrey-Maturin Series] (listen to it here)
3. Leigh Jolly Roger Overture (listen to it here)
2. Leroy Anderson Pirate Dance (listen to it here)
and the number one International Talk Like A Pirate Day song is
Wagner The Flying Dutchman (listen to it here)

What's your favorite matey?

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