Friday, September 2, 2011

Pianists for the 21st Century


With mass media filling our days and nights with entertainment, popularity is the byword. There is a lot of talent out there that doesn't make it to television and radio, but sometimes the good word leaks out.

For the month of September the Piano will highlight "laureates" of the two recent Honens International Piano Competitions. This contest takes place in Calgary Alberta every three years and the judges are looking for what they call "complete musicians" and "21st century musicians for 21st century audiences".  I can't say that there is something of the moment exhibited by these pianists, but the music played is thought provoking and fresh and that works for me.

During this series you will hear old favorites like Gaspard de la Nuit by Ravel and the Wanderer fantasy of Schubert as well music of Schoenberg, Stravinsky and Bach's Goldberg Variations. All beautifully recorded and heard on the Piano, Sunday afternoons at 5 on KPAC & KTXI.

host, Randy Anderson

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