Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Host John Clare recently conducted the combined Children's Chorus of San Antonio in a work by Lowell Mason, O Music. Clare says, "It was fantastic! I enjoyed hearing all those voices, and seeing them come together - with a turn of the wrist." (see picture left)

This is a wonderful article about David Zinman (see picture right) and conducting we thought you might enjoy:
...Zinman insists ''there is no mystery''. Nor is there the equivalent of a musical semaphore code which trainee conductors learn precisely. ''It's all very personal,'' he says. ''Each conductor does it differently.'' But surely there must be some kind of international conducting language, otherwise nothing would get played? ''It's pretty simple. Essentially the musicians have the music in front of them. The conductor has to reinforce the music. Obviously if you put your fingers up to your lip, it means play softer. If you want something played louder, the [baton] gesture becomes stronger, bigger.

This coming May 23rd, we invite you to learn more about conductor Alondra de la Parra at a special event, TPR Presents Itinerarios! Here is an interview from her first appearance in San Antonio

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