Monday, March 1, 2010

Hommage a Chopin

Today is what Chopin said and believed was his birthday, March 1st. Two hundred years later, audiences still love his music. You might have been lucky enough to hear Benedetto Lupo play his First Piano Concerto this last weekend with the San Antonio Symphony, or heard a gaggle of performers play his masterworks at McAllister Auditorium at San Antonio College last Tuesday.

Be sure to check out the celebrations is Warsaw today (starting at 1pm Central):

Here are some great destinations also for Chopin and his music -
University of Chicago’s digital library of early editions:

IMSLP Chopin scores:,_Frederic

Nice site about Chopin:

IMDB Movies and TV shows with Chopin:

Chopin Foundation:

We'll be featuring Chopin alot today and look forward to hearing about your favorite Chopin - leave a note in the comments!

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