Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Source - KPAC

Texas Public Radio’s KPAC 88.3 FM is an invaluable resource to the community. As one of the few remaining 24-hour classical stations left in the nation, San Antonio’s Classical Oasis carries our listeners through the day. The music serves as a backdrop to our lives and keeps us connected to the vibrant artistic community that makes this city unique.
Now we want to hear from you. We are inviting our listeners to share unique and personal stories about how classical music impacts their lives. Simply respond to the prompt, "KPAC 88.3 FM is my source for. . . "
We want to know how KPAC entertains or empowers you. Collectively, these stories will illustrate the many ways in which KPAC contributes to a civil, diverse, participatory and artistic society. Whether you are a listener, supporter or community leader, we want you to share your story.
Two Ways to Tell Your Story
Phone: (800) 622-8977
* Be sure to include your name, email and daytime phone number so we can get back to you about recording your story.
We will select testimonials to broadcast on KPAC and to publish on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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