Friday, August 1, 2008

Big, Bigger, Baddest? Pianos through Time

Pianos are the bane of moving men everywhere. Moving is enough of a chore without the look on the guy's face when you tell him you have a piano. After a few close calls, I started using piano movers, but that can get expensive. Once I paid $80 to move my piano seventy feet! Later I switched from a grand to a studio upright only to settle down and stay put!

What if I tell you that one can have a grand piano and when it comes time to move it, two or three people just pick it up and walk it to the new location? It used to happen. On the Piano this Sunday host Randy Anderson talks to harpsichord builder Gerald Self about the small and lightweight pianos of the past. We trace the evolution of the instruments of Cristofori and his gravicembalo col piano e forte to the mighty and mighty heavy Steinways of today. Pianos have changed through the centuries and there role in music has changed with them.
Find out more and hear examples of these "improvements" on the Piano, this Sunday afternoon on KPAC and KTXI

host, Randy Anderson

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