Monday, April 16, 2012


This week we'll talk with Troy Peters about the San Antonio Symphony Fiesta concert on Classical Spotlight. But did you know the symphony has a Fiesta Medal? The new Symphony Fiesta Medal has an image of their Music Director Sebastian Lang-Lessing conducting (seen left with the picture that inspired the medal.)
Check out this link for a history of Fiesta, and according to the "Fiesta medals and pins are an integral part of the celebration. Maybe because San Antonio is a military town? Numerous organizations create medals to sell or give away each year, with the goal being to collect as many as you can. King Antonio XLIX is credited with starting the tradition in 1971, when he put 200 royal coins on ribbons and distributed them at Fiesta events. If you have an opportunity to shake hands with Fiesta royalty, you may be lucky enough to have a medal slide into your palm."

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