Thursday, April 19, 2012

Marketing Classical

There are some great ways to show an orchestra, and interest young people.  Here are two recent examples, both from Europe!
First, the Czech Phil:

And this hilarious one from France!

Would ninjas help you attend the San Antonio Symphony?

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paul said...

i feel bad for the marketing folks who have to come up with this stuff

when the creative people in this art form just haven't had the will, vision and/or creativity to do what needed to be done decades ago

people expect something they don't expect - that is when they will eagerly gobble up the tickets (can anyone say cirque du soleil?)

make every concert more multi-media - take the old war horses and rearrange them - make them theatrical - scrap the traditional orchestral groupings - have amplified instruments - audio effects - lighting effects - stage every piece differently like each scene in a play is staged differently

this is music, not brain surgery - no one dies if you perform it in another way - beethoven won't come back from the grave to complain if you just play the 2nd movement of the 7th symphony with dancers and synthesizers and then move onto something else -

you could also dig out all the melodic music composed during the 20th century that's been put in mothballs and give that a chance to entertain folks before they get sick of yet another Mahler cycle

and if purists don't like it, i guarantee you could lose their support and more than make up for it with a much larger new audience

and lastly, musicians must be banned from ever wearing formal attire again