Friday, January 13, 2012

Scriabin 101

If Mozart and other Classical composers have their music compared to architecture then the late compositions of Alexander Scriabin relate more to EKGs or seismographs. It is emotional upheavals that are portrayed rather than the calm, predicable terraces of a building.

It wasn't always the case, when Scriabin was young it was Chopin that informed his musical landscape, but with age and exposure to the music of Liszt, Wagner and Schumann, not to mention LOVE, the composer became aware of an emotional subtext under the notes. With Scriabin's discovery of the theosophists, the writings of H. P. Blavatsky and Sigmund Freud new and exciting horizons opened up for the composer to explore.

Enjoy an introduction to a composer that dared all, with Scriabin 101 on the Piano this Sunday afternoon at 5 on KPAC and KTXI.

host, Randy Anderson

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