Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cadenzas at ten paces

We thought we'd put the cadenzas to Mozart's Piano Concerto #23 through the paces as it has been in the news lately with Hélène Grimaud and Claudio Abbado.

First, you can see the musical scores in question...here is the musical score of Mozart's cadenza (the one Abbado preferred) [pdf]
The one Hélène preferred, by Busoni [pdf]
An alternate cadenza by Muller [pdf]

Next, take a listen to the passages in question with host John Clare [mp3 file]

The New Yorker has a great profile of Grimaud here, and be sure to check out the last time Grimaud was in Houston and spoke with Clare.

Here's some fun, a mashup of three cadenzas of Grimaud, Abbado and Lubin for the 23rd Piano Concerto, first movement, listen to an mp3 created by John Clare here.

After all this, the 2nd movement is stunning and beautiful:

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