Thursday, July 7, 2011

David Amram: American Original

David Amram, at 80 years old, has lived a life full of musical adventure. Yet, in a way, he feels there's still a lot more to come. That's why the year 2011 has been a celebration of David Amram: the First 80 Years. David is still writing music, he's still entertaining at venues from Moab, Utah to Kerrville, Texas, to Greenwich Village. And all the while, David finds time to encourage others, especially younger artists and musicians. He sees this as part of his gig.

Jokingly, David recently wrote to me: "I promised my children that if I don't hit the big time by the time I reach 90...I will enroll in dental school So that gives me ten more years of barnstorming before I settle down."

These four short segments (about 8-10 minutes each) are drawn from a conversation with David at the 2011 Kerrville Folk Festival. Take your time, enjoy them. Hopefully, you will come away energized by David and his fresh outlook. That's the way he always strikes me and I've been tapping into David's energy field ever since I first met him in Austin in the early 70s. Here's to David Amram, 80 years young.

-James Baker

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