Monday, June 27, 2011

New Release from Genghis Barbie

The new cd by Genghis Barbie is a real delight!
Seeing a release of four French Horns, one might expect Robert Schumann's Concert Piece for Four Horns, or an arrangement of themes from Wagner's Ring of the Nibelungen.  You might not also guess that a group considers their arrangements right up there with their fashion sense - but this is Genghis Barbie, the "leading post post feminist feminist all female horn experience"!
This 10 track eponymous release goes from A-ha to Sisqo and includes fun outtakes, some humorous and some not so good.  The music making is a complete home run.
Especially gorgeous is a cover of Sam Phillips' Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us (made popular by Allison Kraus and Robert Plant). Their signature Thong Song by Sisqo is included as well as a charming arrangement of Toto's Africa - that is unfortunately followed by a live outtake of the Ride of the Valkyries. I actually love the Wagner but the sound is rotten, and the playing is not as stellar as the rest of the release. The spoken introduction for the Sisqo is hilarious, and certainly the charm of the Barbies lies not only in their playing but in their humor.

On the other hand, the comic who follows 57821 by Janelle Monáe is seemingly out of place before Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, unless you figure he is just plain Bad.
Overall, Genghis Barbie's debut cd is a real success and one can only expect more great things from this modern French Horn quartet! (I predict they'll be on Ellen soon.)
The Barbie's debut cd will be available here as well as iTunes.
- John Clare, TPR Announcer/Host of Classical Spotlight

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