Monday, November 23, 2009

AFSA Awards

The Artist Foundation of San Antonio, which gives grants to individual artists, is giving $62,000 this year, the fourth for the awards. More than 160 artists applied and eleven were selected to receive $5,000 each. Most of the awards are given for specific projects, except the George Cortes Award for Classical Singing, which recognizes opera-based vocal ability. Soprano Angela Malek will receive it this year.

$5,000 grants will go to:

Robert L. B. Tobin Award for Set Design: Steve Gilliam for his work on the Allegro Stage Company's musical “Fire on the Bayou,” opening Jan. 29 at the Woodlawn Theatre.

Robert L. B. Tobin Award for Costume Design: Jodi Karjala for costumes for AtticRep's staging of “Lydia,” opening Dec. 2.

Bernard Lifshutz Award for Visual Arts: Photographer Ansen Seale for a long-range project dealing with transferring images onto glass.

Rick Liberto Award for Visual Arts: Randy Wallace for the mixed-media project “The Thirty Days and Fifty Thousand Words.”

Literary Arts Award: Poet Pablo Miguel Martinez for a book-length piece based on the stories of Mexican guest workers.

Media Arts Award: Visual artist Julia Barbosa Landois for a multimedia installation.

Visual Arts Award: Artist Judith Cottrell for an installation built around her sculptural drawings.

Performing Arts — Original Production Award: Director Tim Hedgepeth for “Fire on the Bayou.”

Performing Arts — Musical Composition: Composer Timothy Kramer for a choral cycle dealing with Old Testament text.

Performing Arts — Dance Choreography: Britt Lorraine, for a personal, minimalist turn on the Ballet Russe's 1913 “Rite of Spring.”

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