Monday, October 13, 2008

New Release: Mr. Tambourine Man

The latest release of the Buffalo Philharmonic and JoAnn Falletta is music by John Corigliano, Hallucinations from the film Altered States, and his songs for soprano and orchestra, Mr. Tambourine Man. Yes, that Mr. Tambourine Man. You know, Bob Dylan.
But it's not what you think.

Corigliano says: A colleague suggested that I look into the poetry of the songs of Bob Dylan. Having not yet listened to the songs, I decided to send away for the texts only … and found many of them to be every bit as beautiful and as immediate as I had heard – and surprisingly well-suited to my own musical language … these would be in no way arrangements, or variations, or in any way derivations of the music of the original songs, which I decided to not hear before the cycle was complete … I intended to treat the Dylan lyrics as the poems I found them to be. Nor would their settings make any attempt at pop or rock writing. I wanted to take poetry I knew to be strongly associated with popular art and readdress it in terms of concert art – crossover in the opposite direction, one might say. Dylan granted his permission, and I set to work.
John Clare recently spoke to Falletta about this new release
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