Friday, October 17, 2008

The Father of all Piano Virtuosi?

Love him and his music or hate him, Franz Liszt had a great impact on music in his time and ours. It is mind boggling to trace his many tours across Europe, Russia and bits of Asia. In England he coined the term "recital" and turned the piano to better project the sound in to a concert hall. When he was young and strong and pianos were flimsy, the strings broke in great profusion. When he was older he could reduce an audience, including his fellow pianists to tears.

When he retired from touring at the age of 38 he turned to composing and teaching and never charged his pupils. Genius is obliged he would say. And when he died in 1886 a courtier said, "I know royalty, and Liszt is what a prince should be".
An amazing man, Franz Liszt is celebrated and remembered this Sunday afternoon at 5 on the Piano.

host, Randy Anderson

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