Friday, March 16, 2012

So you think that's funny?

While living in Vienna and shopping around his unique talents, Robert Schumann so missed his 15 year old girl friend Clara that he would meditate on her features and sometimes when everything was just right her vision would speak to him - scaring the composer.

The young Schumann found that it takes half again more time to do things in Vienna as at home and that politics are part and parcel in the Viennese music world. In other words they play "hardball" when it comes to their music and their turf. 

On the Piano this Sunday music composed in Vienna; a great place for Mozart and Beethoven, but to Schumann the "city of music" was a living hell. It is from this turbulent time that his Humoreske was born. This work encapsulates Schumann's fevered imagination and projects his hopes and dreams for a happier life to come.

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host, Randy Anderson

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