Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Ten Back to School Classics

Getting ready for another semester? Cooling off was never more fun than these back to school classics:

10. Romberg The Student Prince listen

9. Corigliano Etude Fantasy listen [etude=study]

8. Schoenberg Erwatung (Expectation) listen [2nd Viennese School]

7. Waldteufel Estudiantina Valse (Band of Students) listen

6. Carmina Burana (original latin texts, song of morals) listen

5. Ravel L'Enfant et les sortileges: Arthimetic Song listen

4. Bach Anna Magdalena Notebook listen

3. Barber School for Scandal Overture listen

2. Brahms Academic Festival Overture listen

and the #1 back to school classical song?

Franz Joseph Haydn's Symphony #55 "Schoolmaster!" listen

What are some of your back to school favorites? Let us know on facebook or in the comments section below.

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