Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cello there!

Over the past two years, David Finckel has been posting Cello Talks, his innovative, one-of-a-kind series of short videos that cover a remarkably wide range of topics relating to David's vast knowledge of the cello and cello technique. The videos have been filmed on the road by David in a multitude of locations, ranging from Japan to Russia to Scandinavia and even one in-flight from 30,000 up in the sky! Cello talks have attracted an exuberant and devoted following around the globe.
To commemorate the Cello Talks, a website (http://www.cellotalks.com/) has been created where you can search all the videos by topic. The videos can also be found on David and Wu Han's blog, their YouTube and Vimeo channels.
Here is the first one:

Talk 1: Introduction from David Finckel and Wu Han on Vimeo.
And the most recent one:

Talk 100: Bridges and Strings from David Finckel and Wu Han on Vimeo.

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