Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Classical Valentines - Top Ten

This Monday is St. Valentine's Day. You're in luck because there is a very romantic concert at UTSA with Ricardo Cobo. He'll perform this weekend with the San Antonio Symphony, but will stay in town and woo audiences with Latin American selections Monday evening starting at 7:30pm.  Find out more about his recital here.

We thought we'd share some modern classical music favorites for your Valentine's Day as well, Host John Clare's Top Ten modern songs for your valentine:
10. Samuel Barber The Lovers listen
9. John Adams Eros Piano listen
8. Philip Glass Modern Love Waltz listen
7. David Diamond Romeo & Juliet listen
6. Bernard Rands Canti d'amor listen
5. Daron Hagen Love in a Life listen
4. Torsten Rasch Mein Herz Brennt listen
3. Olivier Messiaen Garden of Love's Sleep listen
2. Augusta Read Thomas Love Songs listen
1. John Cage A Valentine Out of Season

What are your romantic favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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