Friday, December 10, 2010

Be careful for what you wish for…

Franz Schubert; incredibly talented and poor as a church mouse, wanted the chance to make a decent living from his music and finally near the end of his life, he got publishers interested in his music. The down side was his works were to be dictated by sales and Schubert found his publishers wanted simple music that would sell rather than the big Sonata's that Schubert was interested in. So Schubert composed four piano pieces that are at once great music and accessible to the average pianist. Another surprise was in store for our composer, a Bohemian invention the Impromptu, was a big hit with Viennese pianists and the four pieces were published as impromptus.

I am Randy Anderson, even with these checkered beginnings, Schubert's Impromptus are magical and to best enjoy them I have brought together the most musically inclined interpretations I could find. Hear the first 5 impromptus on the Piano this Sunday afternoon at 5 on KPAC &KTXI.

host, Randy Anderson

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