Friday, October 1, 2010

Transitioning back to long pants..

School is back in session - we notice that the shadows are longer during the day and the sun isn't as fierce as it once was, its light is less white and more yellow; easier on the eyes and skin. In San Antonio, where we are closer to the equator than Cairo, Egypt, we understand heat and drought and if there is one season we are not sad to see go it is Summer! Autumn to us is like a mirage that desert dwellers dream of; cooler with less thick air and even some of our South Texas trees respond to this change by having their leaves turning from green to gold to brown and dropping off.

Our high temperature might not be in the seventies yet but, you can celebrate Fall by listening to the Piano this Sunday afternoon at 5. Music inspired by South Texas' shortest season - Autumn.

host, Randy Anderson

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