Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last chance

Today is the deadline!

To enter the Digital Composer-in-Residence competition please send:

1.A printable PDF of your score
2.A sound file of your submission (midi files are accepted if no other option is available)
3.The name of a piece of music by a composer that has influenced you, that you would programme at the live event in November. See guidlines below for more detail.
You can either post your entry to:

Digital Composer-in-Residence Competition
Dilettante Music
Suite 5
46 Manchester Street
London W1U 7LS

Or email your score in pdf format, along with your recording and influencial piece of music to composer@dilettantemusic.com

• Entries should not exceed 8 minutes in length

• Maximum scoring/instrumentation cannot exceed 8 instruments, and should be selected from: violin (1 or 2), viola, cello, piano, trumpet, flute, clarinet, French horn, bassoon, double bass, electronics and voice(s), or any combination therein.

• It is not a requirement that works be composed specifically for the competition, however works that have already been professionally recorded and distributed cannot be submitted.

• Submissions should also include a brief paragraph discussing your influences, with particular reference to the work you have submitted. Please highlight the individual work you would programme at the finalists concert. If you are a finalist, this ‘influential work’ will be performed at the 5th November concert. For this reason, it must be a chamber work for a maximum of eight instruments as detailed in the instrumentation guidelines above.

• Entrants may enter only one composition

• Anyone can enter, but you do need to be a Dilettante member (if you’re not already) and joining Dilettante is free.

The closing date for entries is 1 September 2009. Entries received after this date will not be considered.

The Digital Composer-in-Residence is a ‘virtual’ residency, so the winner will be expected to participate in a number of online activities on the Dilettante site.

If you have any questions about the competition, or you're not sure about something, feel free to email us on composer@dilettantemusic.com

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