Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer concert

Austin Symphony Concertmaster Jessica Mathaes presents "The Violin
According to PKW." The performance will begin at 3 p.m. on Sunday July 12 at the Hyde Park United Methodist Church.
The concert will feature works for and including the violin all written by
P. Kellach Waddle. There will be also two works by special guest
violist/composer Lawrence Wheeler. Wheeler will perform these works right before performing in the premiere of Waddle's new trio for Violin, Viola and Piano entitled " The Attack and Reign of The Broken Stained Glass Angels" with Mathaes and pianist Nikki Birdsong.

Two Lyric Pieces for Solo Violin:
The Mist in the September Wine: Aria-Bagatelle for Solo Violin (2008)
On Passing Texas Churches At Mystic Sunset: Hymn for Solo Violin (2005) WORLD PREMIERE Bottled Dreams in Liquid Oak: Sonata-Ballade in One Movement for Bass and Violin (1994)
Staring At the Unremembering Moonlight: Elegy for Violin and Piano (2000) WORLD PREMIERE
Two works for Viola Unaccompanied performed and composed by Lawrence Wheeler --
Nine caprices for Solo Viola, Op. 1 (1970)
Caprice #8, "Elegy"
Caprice #9, "Passacaglia on a Theme by Brahms"
The Attack and Reign of the Broken Stained Glass Angels: Trio Gloratio for Violin, Viola and Piano (2009) WORLD PREMIERE
The Flowers of Darkness: Sonata in forma di 4 Legendes for Solo Violin (2007-2009) WORLD PREMIERE OF FIRST THREE MOVEMENTS

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