Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Weekend's Itinerarios

Bazilian brass on Sunday's Itinerarios: There has long been a buzz about the lively dance music coming out of Brazil. Sambas and bossa-novas are played and danced even in such unlikely places as Helsinki. But more and more, Brazil’s musical exports have diversified and now we find the orchestras, such as the Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra, drawing followers through their recordings and their international touring. Now add the Quintetto Brassil, an ensemble of 5 Brazilian brass players, to Brazil’s cultural exports. Their repertoire runs from original compositions to arrangements of traditional dances of Northeastern Brazil. On this weekend’s presentation of Itinerarios, music with Latin American roots, we will revel in the sonority of Brazilian brass. I’m James Baker, host and producer of Itinerarios, hoping you will join me Sunday at 7 pm for this and more on KPAC-San Antonio, your classical oasis.

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