Saturday, January 10, 2009

Barry has an epiphany!

From Announcer Barry Brake:
We're now in the season of Epiphany. From the 12th day of Christmas to Ash Wednesday, it's an overlooked season of the year.

But recently, I was thinking about the meaning and meanings of the word "epiphany," and the historical associations of the season, going back to the Egyptian celebration of the Nile overflowing its banks.
It's a season of overflow, when we celebrate outsiders, Wrong People, odd events in the skies, scholars who are comfortable spending the night in a king's palace one day and hitting an unsuspecting peasant couple with extremely odd gifts the next. The Aha of a thing over here that somehow fits over there.

For the 56 days of Epiphany this year, I've decided to post a new song. Jazz, classical, pop, ballads, folk, instrumentals, vocals, my own compositions, others' compositions -- it's all in there.

We're already a few days into it. So far, I've posted "Irish Blessing," a tribute to an old friend recently passed away; "The Guardian Angel," an original aria from a Browning poem; "Goodnight Piano," an improv on a jazz tune of mine, that explores the riches of the piano; "The Hebrew Children," a classical-meets-folk-meets-jazz interpretation of a Sacred Harp tune; "La Marseillaise," the French national anthem played by the Protagonists

.... and there are fifty-one more to come.

Join me at, where I'll be updating every day.

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