Monday, December 29, 2008

Forgot something?

You might lose your car keys, leave your cellphone somewhere or even forget where you parked...but classical musicians seem to leave some pretty important things just lying around!

A London based musician lost two violins and three bows, worth around Rs 50 lakh [about US $1,031,000], while travelling on the Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS). The musician is on a visit to the city for the 'Margazhi' music festival.

Michael Kellet (42), who has worked on the scores for Hollywood hits 'Philadelphia' and 'Lord of the rings', fell asleep on a train and forgot to take his case when he alighted at the Mylapore railway station on Friday. The 'Bam' double violin case contained a GB Grancino violin made in 1699 and a 1880 Czech violin, both bought from Scotland. One of the bows was also gold plated.

Speaking to The Times Of India, Michael said, "As soon as I boarded the train, I placed my violin case on the overhead rack and placed my laptop bag near my feet. I was completely exhausted due to the hot sun and soon fell asleep. When the train pulled into the Mylapore station, I got off in a hurry, forgetting to take my case from the rack."

By the time Kellett remembered about his violin case, it was too late. The train had already pulled out of the station.

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