Monday, November 3, 2008

Vocal Recital: Brahms

Unlike the symphony, the string quartet or the piano sonata which belong to phases of Brahms creative output his vocal work spanned his entire life. This arc of more than four decades is bracketed by two masterworks Liebestreu (opus 3, #1 - 1853/54) and Vier ernste Gesange (opus 121 - 1896). It was in fact this early song that so impressed the violinist Joachim that it led to Brahms introduction to the Schumann's. A hundred years later Joachim's granddaughter Irene, a great recitalist based in Paris, recorded Brahms vocal works and will also be featured among the singers in this program.
Celebrating the 175th anniversary of his birth we will hear music drawn from his lieder, ensemble, vocal cantatas and his vast choral production. Performers will include Fischer-Dieskau, Schwarzkopf, Slezak, Lehman, Kipnis, Ludwig, Souzay, von Otter, Bernstein, Barenboim, Norman, Ameling and many others. Please join us at 9pm, November 6th on KPAC & KTXI for Brahms Vocal Works.

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