Thursday, July 31, 2008

Behind the scenes

Texas Public Radio is celebrating 25 years - and there is a dvd being made for this fall. Wednesday there was some filming going on around the station with the classical hosts, and here are a few snaps of the action.

Seen left, Deirdre programs music in the library.

On the right, James announces a selection.

Randy takes notes of the production, seen left.

Ron looks for a cd in the library, as pictured right.
More details on the film to come this fall!

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Bob Burke said...

Randy Anderson:
Recently, I asked for your help in identifying the author of a quote about (to paraphrase); "If you tell me the songs your country sings, I will tell you about your country." A nun who taught with me for 4 years (no, she is not now in a mental rehab program - as she recovered from the trauma of teaching with me) found the answer. Henry Clay Work was a Conn. born son of an abolitionist and was also an abolitionist and a printer by trade and an amateur musician. He composed "Marching through Georgia" and other Civil War songs. He made that comment before his first songs were published. He died in 1884.
Bob Bukre